The emerging Houston act shows out on his sophomore release, ‘Trust In Banko’.

Rocky Banks’ introduction to the world wasn’t twenty-two years ago. It came with In Other News, I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore. The results were swift, people buying into the belief that not only could Rocky rap, he could do so along elegant, jazzy production from Mufasa Enzor. The tandem found themselves on an even bigger perch last spring when “A Lot” found its way to The FADER. The world had figured Rocky Banks was something to keep an eye on.

So they did. Banks didn’t release any full-length material throughout 2016, only giving fans guest verses and more. Towards the end of 2016, fans got “February 7th”, a pensive moment of frustration in lieu of relief. Enzor laid the groundwork for Banks to vent not only about family issues but prime himself for the future. Trust In Banko arrives today with 14-tracks including previously released singles “Hi And Bye” and “Funny Guy”.

“Thank God I got favor,” Banks sings on “Favor”. Backed by triumphant horns and vocals from Bee Honey, Tony Amaru, Big Brandon Willis, Tiara Jewel & Michael Manchester, Banks takes more command than ever in terms of singing. The result is a project that swings between the highs and lows of life. By the end of “Dreams Do Come True,” friends and family chime in with their own adulations for Rocky. For impacting their lives in more ways than one. If Banks was stretching his life away from addiction on IONIDDA, he’s surveying the world in the year after finding sobriety.

Enzor isn’t the only sound behind the boards for Trust In Banko. Nate x Charity & Jordan Lumley add even more depth to the tape which you can stream in full below. Purchase Trust In Banko on iTunes now.