Starlito and Scarface’s “Once Upon A Time” – produced by Trakksounds and featuring Kam Franklin – touches down on iTunes at midnight.

Hey, remember last month when EIC Brandon Caldwell put together his “Houston Rap Forecast” for the year? Caldwell tried his best to touch and predict as many places and people as possible, as to where we might expect new local sounds to come from. He couldn’t hit everyone, however. And he may have accidentally – though far from unintentionally – left producers off that list.

It appears Trakksounds is putting his name in the hat, as well. The Houston-based boardman has already kicked off 2017 by providing Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz with a spring single in the making by way of “Addicted.” But Trakksounds has an album of his own coming this March, slated to be entitled The Other Side. That album’s first single, “Once Upon A Time,” is about as Houston as you can get – it brings together Scarface, recent Houston transplant Starlito, and Kam Franklin of The Suffers.

“Once Upon A Time” was premiered by XXL earlier this evening. Both Brad Jordan and Lito put out recent projects in 2015 (the former with Deeply Rooted and the latter with I’m Moving to Houston), but “Once Upon A Time” marks the first time the two will join forces on wax.

“I always wanted to put that combo together,” Trakksounds told XXL. “Face works in the same studio as me, and me and his producer (Steve-O) kept putting a bug in his ear about Star. I knew they would fit together and once Face heard the record, it was over.”

Trakksounds marries organ-esque keys and strings for a hood gospel melody of sorts on “Once Upon A Time,” which, as its title implies, is a master class in storytelling from a legend in game and an equally hungry emcee. Scarface tells a gritty tale and Starlito reflects upon his past; and while the two rappers may be the drawing factor for many, it’s Franklin who may steal the show, her voice all but angelic on the hook and outro amidst the otherwise dark tone of the track.

Hear the Trakksounds-produced Starlito & Scarface cut “Once Upon A Time,” featuring Kam Franklin (who Trakksounds, by the way, insists is “his favorite singer right now”), for yourself down below. The single will be available to grab off iTunes later tonight.