james fauntleroy

James Fauntleory gives you a weekday soundtrack with a brand new EP.

James Fauntleroy’s DOJO EP gets into serious gear right around the midpoint of it’s opener. The swoon worthy “Student Teacher” uses its second verse to paint a good picture: “I’m not a substitute,” Fauntleroy sings. “You know I fuck with you / Even when I told the truth / I guess it was overdue.” With some rubbery bass attached to it, “Student Teacher” leads fans down a road of new & unreleased material from the singer-songwriter.

We shouldn’t be surprised by new Fauntleroy material on Soundcloud. “American Eagle OG” arrived on the day of the Inauguration. Other records such as “How You Feel / Last Soldier” popped up in October.

Last December, Mr. Cocaine ’80s released The Warmest Winter Ever II. DOJO, produced in its entirety by SWLY can be heard in full below via Soundcloud.

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