Sosamann knows how the money works.

Sosamann has two go-to dance moves. One involves a minor shimmy that appears more like a gangsta boogie. The other involves playing air guitar. If Sosamann isn’t playing air guitar, he’s usually using some form of instrument as his guitar. As far as the “Just Do It” video, both moves are on display. What does Big Sosa decide to use as his guitar for this go round? An AK-47.

“Just Do It” is a brief performance spot for the Sauce Factory / Taylor Gang member. Wild animations and antics are Sosa mainstays at this point. “I do what I gotta do just to count the loot,” he raps along high strings and crisp drums. Plus, Sosa is quick to regale in his extravagance while pointing out the fakes at every turn. Watch the video below. Sauce The World is coming soon.