The popular California burger chain is coming to Houston … for no apparent reason.

In-N-Out Burger, the California hamburger establishment has started traveling east into what the rest of the world recognizes as Whataburger country. In 2011, the establishment came to Dallas which may as well been high treason. But thanks to capitalism and fair play, In-N-Out survives up 45. Now the burger chain is heading to Houston, peak Whataburger territory in the coming years.

If you prefer your burgers “animal style” or even partaking of In-N-Out’s secret menu, then I can believe your tastebuds love it. If you’re from California, you swear by In-N-Out the same way the rest of the world swears by Chik-Fil-A. You’ve seen long lines in San Diego & San Francisco. In Los Angeles and Oakland. Soon, they will be in Houston – and people will more than likely be indifferent and stick to Whataburger.

“You’ll see them come in quietly,” Jazz Hamilton, first vice president in the retail division at CBRE said at a panel discussion on the Houston real estate market Tuesday said. “All of a sudden, they’ll start building all at once.”

He says quietly. The rest of the city, who noticed Krispy Kreme building up like a giant glazed donut monument, disagrees. The fact is, Whataburger contains far more variety in regards to burger options. More than recent contemporaries to enter the Houston market such as Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Shake Shack & FM Burger. You’re likely to see your friends pop up in commercials, engage in friendly banter with their social media account or fall in love with any assortment of their burgers.

Californians shrug off Whataburger. Texans shrug off In-N-Out. The world may be better off that way. But as overrated as In-N-Out Burger happens to be, it’ll gain plenty of interest from Houstonians based off hype and word of mouth. Then they too will be disappointed as I was three years ago in San Francisco. In the name of business, it’s smart for In-N-Out to test one of the country’s more populated denizens for burger consumption.

It has some stiff competition to deal with.