With the first month of 2017 almost to a close, Houston’s LOE returns with a double whammy.

LOE’s usual dance with darkness has yielded grand results. On “Nude (Good One)”, the enigmatic Houston singer decides to piece together two self-produced tracks, both offering different sides of the singer. The side-B of “Nude (Good One)” packs slowed down vocals via DJ Auditory and LOE reading off the sins of a lover from cheating, snitching and so on. It’s a stark contrast from “Nude”, light with her piano being her main push. “I wanna feel you for real, I wanna see who you are,” the singer pulls. It wouldn’t be a bit of Houston and some of her typical vulnerability if there wasn’t a fight between energy and senses.

“I closed myself off to create this style … whatever you could call it,” she told the Houston Press last year. “I can’t record something twice. I can’t re-record a song over.”

Hear “Nude (Good One)” below.