This is D3 The Concrete, bringing you fashion & lifestyle news from the streets. I am excited about a new storefront that is opening about 5 minutes from the Galleria.

Maison, founded by Faisal Jayed & Ruchi Khan, is on the horizon and the timing cannot be more impeccable. Why do I say this? The reason is simple: SUPER BOWL LI! Our fair city has about one million people that will be descending upon us and they need a place to be able to shop. Maison looks to be fully capable of providing that experience.

To celebrate the store’s opening, there will be about 2 weeks’ worth of events happening. Starting January 27th, there will be a 3-day pop-up shop series, to build brand awareness within the streetwear/lifestyle fashion community, and by extension, to bring potential new customers to the Maison. The next week, from January 30th – February 4th, Maison will be hosting their inaugural “Maison Fashion Week”, about which we will keep you posted when that information is released.


When asked about his new venture, Jayed stated the following, “I wouldn’t be the businessman I am today without experiencing real life situations from the last 14 years. After launching and selling my first business at $100,000 then launching and exiting my second business at $1,000,000 evaluation, I have devised my strongest retail venture yet.”

For more information or just to stay updated on Maison, you can go to the following:


Instagram: @maisonhouston