LE$ gets back in the whip for one of last year’s favorite riding tracks, “Techno Violet”.

Last week, LE$ decided to hit the road and end up in an empty field for his “Highway” video. A week later, Jorgey Films asks LE$ to gas up the BMW and revisit a favorite from a little over a year ago. E36: Techno Violet was broken down in four suites. For “Techno Violet”, LE$ shifts down into first gear and cruises through the night. Stylish and graphically similar to the opening sequence for say “Need For Speed” or “Gran Turismo”, Jorgey Films’ filmography perfectly captures the tone and mood. Vibrant colors, occasional shots of LE$, rims, the BMW & more. With every video, Jorgey’s skill and craft is improving. Watch “Techno Violet” below.