Jett I. Masstyr cues up a flip of New Edition in honor of their mini-series.

Anyone who remembers Heart Break, New Edition’s 1988 album will point out three singles. One, “Can You Stand The Rain”. Two, “If It Isn’t Love”. Third, the album’s pseudo title track, “N.E. Heart Break”. Leave it to Jett I. Masstyr to add a little bass to the one rather New Jack song on the whole album. “N.E. Hard Beat” lasts for all of a minute but it’s groovy as hell.

“Though this iteration didn’t include Bobby Brown, they still made magic happen on that NE Heartbreak album,” Jett I. wrote on his Soundcloud. “Thank you BET for reminding us.” Chris Rockaway is on the guitars, Jett I. Masstyr is programming the drums and sonics. Listen to the former SCBB head’s latest beat flip below.