Expect Hot Peez & Donnie Houston’s “Bounce & Turn” event this weekend to be half-concert, half-kickback.

Anyone who’s heard Lagniappe will agree – producer Donnie Houston & emcee Hot Peez’s debut EP DESERVED to be heard live. The triumphant horns, the New Orleans Bounce samples, Peez’s delivery: every element came together to make Lagniappe one of the better projects out of the city in 2016. Even Houston Press agreed.

Now, much in the way Hot Peez put together a concert for his White Hall LP back in 2015, Peez and Donnie are closing out the first month of the new year by giving Lagniappe a live show and then some. The two will host “Bounce & Turn” on Saturday, January 28th, a collaboration of both men’s styles and hometown flair and likely just a great time. Drink specials will be on deck at the event all night (although the venue is BYOB) and a taco truck will be on hand for the munchies.

Hot Peez, who plugged the event on our own Kelsey McDaniel’s “The Tuesday Special” radio show earlier this week, has promised that anyone who comes up to him at “Bounce & Turn” and mentions The Tuesday Special will get a free drink on him. Donnie Houston of course will be on hand to provide sounds, and he’ll be joined by DJ Havin’ Thangs and Big Heavy Kenny, as well. At the very least, expect Bounce & Turn to provide real-life proof that “Do That” will make any church girl twerk.

Don-P’s “Bounce & Turn” event goes down this Saturday, January 28, at Wonky Power, 3534 Navigation Rd. Doors open at 9 PM. Lagniappe is currently out on iTunes now.