Greetings Everyone:

Allow me to introduce myself: I am D3 The Concrete, the new streetwear columnist for Day & A Dream. I guess it wouldn’t be right, if I did not give at least a little bit of my history, so that you can know that I am not just talking out of my sphincter.

     One of the things that I remember growing up is, while presentation was not everything, it was an important thing.  Not in the bad way, like we were trying to hide poverty (we were only a few dollars away from it, but I was none the wiser), but in a way, that showed your mom cared about you because “you represent the family name”.

     So, with the child support money that she would get every month, we would go to the local thrift store, look at the clothes and buy them at half or three quarters the amount that we would find them for in department stores. She would then take them to the laundromat (or washateria, as we call them in the South), give them a good cleaning and, voila, clean, fresh clothes for school that were gently used. Give them a good pressing with an iron and none would be the wiser. (RIP to my mom. I love you for everything.)

Fast forward to 2006: while attending University of Saint Thomas and hanging out with friends in the Student Activities Office (shoutout to my homies, Tominique “OG Nasty Nique” Roots (right) & Quincy “Kang Q” Victorian (left),

I noticed that they would all go to this one webpage called Nice Kicks and they would read about all the sneakers that were coming out, brand new as well as “retro” styles. Though I never considered myself to be much of a sneakerhead, I began peering into the world of streetwear, with a fascination that knew no bounds. I began to learn more about brands like Supreme, Black Scale, Undefeated, and 10 Deep. I also began to gain deeper knowledge about more famous and world renowned brands, such as adidas, Nike, & New Balance.

Hyper-jump to 2013, when my love for streetwear was in full bloom, I decided to reach out to a friend who had a magazine called ACTBADD Magazine. I sat down with the owner and the editor-in-chief and explained to them why I deserved to be there. After that conversation, I began to make the steps necessary to articulate, in a fly, fresh, and responsible manner, my love, thoughts and views on the world of streetwear. I even got a chance to build with some interesting people along the way, such as Dennis Todisco (formerly of Nike & Diamond Supply Company)

& Frank The Butcher (of BAU fame).

     So, here we are: it is 2017 and I am the newest member of Day & A Dream, writing on a platform for an audience who I hope will breathe, eat, and live streetwear just like I do. Most importantly, I want to be in contact with you, so feel free to connect with me through social media (@D3TheConcrete), through email, and who knows, maybe we can write about your brand here.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to writing some compelling material for you soon. Peace!


D3 The Concrete