On the lead single from ‘Grateful’, Bobby Sessions is looking outward, again.

Bobby Sessions’ voice has discovered its power.

It wavers between sing-song and straight diction. Its direct. It can squawk like a morning call and find a low register in anticipation. The best moments where Bobby Sessions’ voice is the greatest instrument? They were all found on Law Of Attraction, his 2015 debut album where he battled not only the world in front of him but the world beyond. In times where his voice needed to be nimble, he went above and beyond (“Peyton Manning”). When it needed to place itself above the clouds like a watchman who acted like guide and conscious? He did that (“Black Neighborhood” / “Black America”).

“Adult Swim Fiji Water” found that voice, thin yet with a bit of weight to it deliver its greatest boast. “Bury me a G, bury me a God, I gotta be the greatest motherfucker that could rhyme,” he said then. Confidence the size of a monument, Sessions could have told you he was the greatest man ever given five senses. But he’d rather be the guy who spent his good money just to record his voice.

Bobby Sessions’ voice is going to lead him even further in the next few months. His sophomore album Grateful. is on the way. The first single, “First World Problems” combines laid back strings and piano from PICNICTYME, backing vocals from Sam Lao & Bobby readily saying off the bat, “Fuck your First World Problems.” He’s long unplugged from the narcotic of worry, where a cracked cell phone screen or an empty pocket would drag another man under. The jazzy undertone of “First World Problems” allows us into a world where Bobby Sessions is free. And wants you to be free along with him.