Zords, fights & more pack the second trailer for the upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ reboot.

Admit it, the first trailer fans got for the upcoming Power Rangers movie felt more like a Superhero Breakfast Club. Introduce the characters (well, most of them), give them motivations, that sort of thing. While that trailer has little action and plenty of exposition, the new one immediately amplifies all the action and gives fans a feel of an old school episode. With a much, much bigger budget.

Everything you can recall from the original TV show appears here, just with 2017 CGI effects. There’s the putties, who look more like rock monsters. Goldar is Rita Repulsa’s big bad and he apparently doesn’t talk. Alpha 5 looks way more like an aide from Ratchet & Clank. Bryan Cranston’s Zordon? An animated wall inside of a spaceship, rather than the guy who was green-screened and the turned out to be old as hell in the first movie. Outside of a drug test joke (is that the PSA gag?), the Rangers look more like their usual Angel Grove selves.

Watch the trailer for Power Rangers below and appreciate that guys getting beat up in a desert still happens. Oh, and that the Rangers still don’t care about collateral damage during Zord fights. The film opens in theaters on March 24th.