Six years after “The Fall”, Gorillaz return with a video appropriate of the times.

It’s been six years since Gorillaz, the Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett project turned animated superband released new material. And on the eve of the Trump Inauguration, they come through with “Hallelujah Money”. The video brights together the relationship between power, corruption, fear & compassion – at a time where we need it clearly defined more than ever.

“Hallelujah Money” is the first release from the band’s upcoming album and in the starring role? None other than Benjamin Clementine, who reads poetry and sings the majority of the record. He’s a master of vibrato on “Hallelujah Money,” letting his voice dip in various registers just to convey how serious everything is. “Love is the root of all evil,” he sings. You can interpret that as blind hero worship leading us to a fall.

The video ironically enough takes place inside of an elevator within Trump Tower. Clementine stands in the gold-plated elevator while clips of Klansmen, cartoon characters, explosions and more play behind him. Various cultures and moments of history occur behind him, all woven together to dictate that we’re entering even darker times possibly. And how does it all end? With Clementine’s face pulled in and an immediate cut to Spongebob Squarepants running away in terror.

Yes, Spongebob is the little light we need to help break up all the darkness. Watch the video for “Hallelujah Money” directed by Giorgio Testi & the Gorillaz below.