From PVD to ADD, Jon Hope’s left appendage got him there.

When we last left Jon Hope, Providence rapper and potential life coach, he was finishing up his life as Just A Guy Named Harry. The long search and winding road to see self got the Talented Mr. Grisby somewhere he knew he needed to be.

A year and some change later, Hope returns with “The Left Hand,” a single and video premiered by All Def Digital. Walking in a California field and tracking up plenty of new mileage in his New Balances, Hope launches into a fun filled one-off. His targets are tangible things. There’s love, looking back at his foster home life & more. “N-ggas say they chase they dreams, I wonder who ran?” Hope ponders on the piano melody. By the time the drum kicks in, Hope shoutouts Prov City and the kids who know less about education and more about inmates incarcerated. All in a Southern California field does Hope make this pledge, miles and states away from home.

Watch the All Def Digital premiered video for “The Left Hand” below.