Houston emcees OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts ready their ‘Smokey & Craig’ collab tape with a new single, “Kamikaze.”

OneHunnidt is always going to move strategically. The NUMB3RS Committee general works at times like a quarterback, surveying the world from his own artistic pocket before making his move. Bigg Fatts is just as mindful of the moves he makes. Though he’s half-comic, half-rapper, Fatts’ ability to lay waste to an instrumental – “Three Bad B*tches & A Stove,” anyone? – is unmatched and sometimes unappreciated in the Houston landscape.

When the two local emcees come together for the music, good things happen. Last April, OneHunnidt and Bigg Fatts gave listeners just a glimpse of what they could do when they released “NUMB3RS Game” and “The Reason.” In 2017, both men are joining forces for a full mixtape.

The result is Smokey & Craig, a project in which the two will “match wits and rhymes while embodying the personas of the two main characters from the movie Friday,” Day & A Dream was informed via email. On Monday, OneHunnidt & Bigg Fatts shared “Kamikaze,” the lead single from the upcoming tape.

“Kamikaze” isn’t entirely new – followers of our own Kelsey McDaniel’s “The Tuesday Special” show will recall it being played during OneHunnidt and Bigg Fatts’ guest appearance – but the track’s release on a wider scale makes it feel fresh. Producer kaygw is on the boards, providing “Kamikaze” with a trunk-rattling instrumental right out of the gate. Over the track’s three-and-a-half minute run length, OneHunnidt’s gravelly voice takes on a sing-songy flow; Fatts’ delivery is smoothed out to adjust to the beat; and “Kamikaze’s” call-and-response hook was made to dab to.

Hear OneHunnidt and Bigg Fatts’ “Kamikaze” single for yourself down below. Their Smokey & Craig collaborative project is on the way.