We’re pretty sure that Donald Trump has zero idea who John Lewis is.

Normally on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, we’d be telling each other stories about Martin Luther King that haven’t been whitewashed and/or tacked to any idea of “predictable”. We’d be happy about the fact it’s a mandated three-day weekend, even if the cities of Biloxi, MS and Nueces, TX seem to think otherwise. But leave it to our Sunkist Elect to make it all awkward.

Late Friday, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia (aka Civil Rights badass John Lewis) said that he wasn’t going to attend the upcoming inauguration of Minute Maid Mao because he felt he wasn’t a “legitimate” president. Which, is the sentiment of a lot of Democrats on the Hill. While the fight against Jeff Sessions’ appointment to the position of Attorney General is being fought by Cory Booker and other Democrats, Lewis made certain that it didn’t sit well with him that Sessions was up for the position. Mind you, Coretta Scott King in 1986 wrote that Sessions shouldn’t be a federal judge in the first place.

So, because our soon-to-be Chicken Nugget In Chief is prone to not letting anything slide by him – he took to his phone while presumably sitting on a gold soaked throne and tweeted that Rep. John Lewis was “sad”. That the 5th District in Georgia, the one Lewis represents and won in a landslide needed “fixing” and was “crime infested”. The most hilarious (and we’re laughing at the Cheeto-Elect here) thing said? That John Lewis was all talk, no action.

“He probably should keep Rep. Lewis’ name out of his mouth.”

John Lewis has represented the 5th District since 1987. Thirty years now. His district boasts an average median income of $48,000. Which is about as middle class as it gets. The bulk of the state’s more noted colleges such as Clark Atlanta, Georgia Tech & more reside in Atlanta. Atlanta may not be Wakanda but its nothing near “crime-infested”.

Lewis’ name being brought up by Simply Lemonade of course brought out every single receipt John Lewis has ever made, stamped, faxed or tweeted on social media and more. Lewis was a main component of the Civil Rights Movement, doing much of the legwork alongside Dr. King. Selma, the SNCC, et. al. It’s in part because of Lewis’ efforts that we even have Martin Luther King Jr. day in the first place. If Lewis were to retort, I’m pretty sure he’d be gracious, even civil.

But I’m not exactly being civil towards our Artificial Ingredients of a future commander in chief. He probably should keep Rep. Lewis’ name out of his mouth.