LE$ ditches the bottle in the first clip from ‘Olde English’.

LE$ & Jorgey Films have a potential short film on their hands. The more we dive deeper into the meaning of LE$ falling out in the grass with an Olde English bottle, the more we learn. For example, the “Highway” video, which also doubles as the first video released from the album finds LE$ leaving most of his favorite material possessions behind in favor of a pickup truck.

That’s right. LE$ shot a video sans a Beamer. Or a ‘lac. Or something that is the automobile equivalent of luxury and comfort. He looks less like the rap star groomed for future success and more like a man in search of something. He has his purpose, that much is given. Whatever it takes to get away from this barnyard, this field and back to his idea of civilization. But first, he has to sing the blues.

Watch the Joregy Films directed video below and grab Olde English from L-E-Dolla now.