In late December DJ Candlestick of the legendary Chopstars took to Twitter looking for independent artists to feature on the upcoming Chop Not Slop Radio: Chopstars Radio Vol. 2 mix; the outcome is pure greatness. Released Monday, Chop Not Slop Radio: Chopstars Radio Vol. 2 is available on iTunes Chopped Not Slopped by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C, as well as regular speed.

First and foremost, every single track featured on Chopstars Radio Vol. 2 is absolutely amazing. From artists like reppatwa all the way from London, Mercy out of Florida, Adonis from North Carolina, Mickey Woods Jr. from Port Arthur and more, to what happens to be my favorite part, the plethora of Houston based artists featured on the tape. I have to admit, most of the artists/tracks featured on the project are ones I happen to be a big fan of so understand where my excitement comes from. Nique, Spuf Don, Jonquel, Noah Nova, Cooley Kimble and Zavey are all straight out of Houston and Chopstars Radio Vol. 2 does the perfect job of showcasing how talented they all are.

Aside from my excitement regarding the quality of music both submitted by these independent artists and pushed by the Chopstars on Chopstars Radio Vol. 2, the array of sounds on the tape make it evident that there is no lack of talent out here and worldwide. There is something for everyone on this project. Whether you want something slow or something to stand on couches at the club to, they got you.

Make sure you check out all the artists mentioned above and add them to your “artists to watch list” (seriously, trust me). Also, keep up with The Chopstars, they have been working hard already in 2017 and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

Get Chop Not Slop Radio: Chopstars Radio Vol. 2 on iTunes.