kirko bangz money on the dresser video

Kirko Bangz shoots a video for one of 2016’s best singles – and finds something in the process.

Of the 10 songs that stood out about Houston rap in 2016, Kirko Bangz & Z-Ro’s “Money On The Dresser” was the one with downhill momentum. Kirko has run on braggadocio forever frankly because that’s the nature of rap. You’re supposed to relish in your successes, all in the arms race of appearing to a bigger man. “Money On The Dresser” runs with the velocity of Kirko getting plenty off of his chest but there’s a couple of moments where his vulnerability begins to peek through. Once he begins peeling away at the women he may deem inferior for his life but superior for yours, Kirko stops.

What’s the point of being happy about being so close to Mike D’Antoni that he may sub you in over Eric Gordon? What’s the point of being on the verge of awards and even more fame as you enter the back half of your 20s when real life weighs so heavily on you? The first two verses from “Money On The Dresser” are standard big boy shit talk. The third and fourth verses? That’s where the shift happens. That’s when Z-Ro commanders the ship and puts it plainly, “I don’t feel like going on a losing streak.”

Z-Ro, Houston rap cyborg and ace hook man has seen enough in these times. He’s losing friends in such a wild fashion that its stacking up. Only difference is, Ro’s been here and been plenty verbal about it. Kirko has done it in brief moments. That final verse from Kirko lets everything hang. Success doesn’t mean a thing if the family is fractured beyond belief. It’s honest, vulnerable and downright frightening. He’s counting jail numbers, cousins that have buried children and more.

Success is fine when you present it under different filters. When real life slides in, the filters can’t do anything to hide the pain and scars. Kirko Bangz does his best to hide his pain through bragging and flossing. Sometimes it slips. And sometimes, his actual, pensive fury and frustrations get out.