Hollywood FLOSS goes for one verse of venom on “Only In America”.

Career aspirations for Hollywood FLOSS start with the want to transfer upward in life. Nothing is wrong with a Honda Civic but he wants a Bentley. He wants hip-hop to stop giving a damn about gossip and who marries who. He and producer Chris Rockaway, according to FLOSS are rap game Karl Malone & John Stockton. On “Only In America”, FLOSS sits atop the punched up drums and piano stabs and begins taking shots from all spaces. There’s a bit of Don King mentioning here but FLOSS isn’t wearing America jackets and stumping for the current President elect. “Like Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks,” he raps on “OIA”. “You want a verse from Floss? I’ma charge you a fee. Yeah we both fine but I’m a hawk, you a flee.”

Packing over-exaggerations next to Houston slang, Fefe Dobson praise and dismissing the care for wanting to know Ciara’s marital status. It’s all there in “Only In America”. Stream the single below from Hollywood FLOSS and Chris Rockaway.