Will Pharoah is playing for keeps. Earlier this week Nick Cannon announced “#SignmetoNcredible”, a contest allowing artist to be creative as possible with the tracks given to them to record and submit. The winner will receive a record deal with Nick’s label, Ncredible records. One of the two tracks featured in this contest is entitled, “Dope Pussy” and features a verse from Nick Cannon. Submission continue to flood social media but one particular approach stood out above the rest. Renaissance man Will Pharaoh is known for his graphics, dope illustrations and bringing the funny in various youtube sketch comedies. It was only recently that the Pharaoh would begin introducing his musical skills with the release of his debut album, “80’s Cocaine Music” on his Youtube Channel.

The Pharaoh continues his rise to stardom and it would only make sense for him to channel his talents into this contest. With the knowledge that he has gained from years of marketing and promotion, he released the track “Dope P*ssy” featuring Nick Cannon on his social media platforms and from what we can see, it would be hard to argue that this isn’t the official track.

Will Pharaoh fits perfectly into the concept of the song and gives a delivery of word play that you cannot help but want to repeat in your head. With the movement that hip hop is taking the track fits todays culture.  The buzz behind the track is continuing to grow. No word yet on the deadline for the contest or if the winning track will feature on Nick Cannons new project, “Ike Turn Up” but the sky is the limit for this opportunity. It is safe to say however that Will Pharaoh is playing to win and we can only imagine the phenomenal work that he could create if he was to team with Mr. Ncredible. Check out the video below to here the entire track and also follow the link below to see more from the Pharaoh.


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