“WAVE” is Rikki Blu’s battle hymn for the talented yet underappreciated.

At some point, “BluWop” IS gonna blow up.

BluWop is, of course, the self-appointed nickname for one Rikki Blu, the Pleasant Grove-to-LA emcee and INFNTRY International general whose momentum seems to grow greater with every new release. Blu was quite consistent in 2016 and he closed out the year by literally offering his fans “Fall” in the wintertime.

Now, in 2017, Rikki Blu is claiming what he deserves. “WAVE,” Rikki’s first release of the new year, is an anthem not just for the rapper himself, but for anyone, really, who’s grown weary of waiting their turn.

JuMONDi and J The Prince – aka The WonderTwins – handle production, lacing “WAVE” with guitars, a snare, and a riding instrumental worthy of Blu’s war cry. For three and a half minutes, Rikki Blu calls out the fakes, the lames, the has-beens and the never-will-be’s and celebrates his own work ethic and focus, his crowing “I’m on the way… but you in the way!” on the track’s hook both rebellious and triumphant. “WAVE” is proof positive that, if you’re in Rikki Blu’s crosshairs, you’d do well to duck… because his aim has never been better.

Stream Rikki Blu’s “WAVE” single for yourself down below.