The Ambassadors of Earth tell a tale of a phoenix in their new video.

AOE (Ambassadors Of Earth) decided today of all days to go ahead and give us a great music video. AOE’s “I’m Right This Time” is already a stimulating and dreamlike song as is. The video, created by group member Phil Beaudreau not only features producer Dawaun Parker but Beaudreau’s own R&B lite vocals. Reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes, the main character free falls from a purple sky only to reach the skies again. Bright flames, eye popping stars and more – it’s the perfect tie together. Or at the least, the tease to a damn good anime.

“I’m Right This Time” doubles as Ambassadors Of Earth’s very first single. A larger project, titled Homecoming is set to be released soon. “AOE doesn’t separate sight from sound,” the group told The FADER. “Everything comes from the same source — the same creative spirit.”

Watch the video below.

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