In the cold season, M.A.C. drops colder bars over 2Chainz & Drake’s “Big Amount.”

Last fall, Undergravity released Space Age Funk, Vol. 1: The Crash Landing, their first full project since their The Freshest MCs collaboration with Dante Higgins. Buoyed by nostalgic sound and impeccable flows, SAF Vol. 1 was music to ride to, whether one was riding through the city or taking a road trip. The Crash Landing’s only flaw? It was heavily underappreciated by the city, even as Houston Press named it one of the “best rap tapes” of 2016.

M.A.C. of Undergravity, however, won’t let another year come and go where he and his partner-in-crime Atom Bomb are overlooked again. The Houston emcee kicked off his 2017 by releasing a new solo cut, “Big.”

“Big” isn’t just a few bars dropped over 2Chainz and Drake’s “Big Amount” summer single; rather, it’s a complete reinvention. Where the original “Big Amount” was about bragging on balling out, M.A.C.’s rendition marries street wisdom with a demand for credit where it’s due. iRISEfilmz depicts M.A.C. walking the abandoned streets of midtown Houston as he speaks on losing friends to violence, being one step away from hustling just to make ends meet, and his commitment to staying in his own lane (“I’m respected everywhere I go/ some-body, everybody know”).

Watch M.A.C. of Undergravity’s “Big” visuals for yourself up top. Undergravity’s Space Age Funk, Vol. 1: The Crash Landing album can currently be copped for the free – for a limited time only – by way of their Bandcamp page here.