WOLFE de MÇHLS releases a bonus cut from his ‘Naked’ album.

The creation of Naked, WOLFE de MÇHLS debut album occurred presumably in darkness. The sounds, drums, strings and more are all rooted in hazy late nights and brief conversations. WOLFE managed to create an album that fit his aesthetic, sticky yet dark R&B with an earnest sincerity. One of the cuts that didn’t make it on the final tracklist, “fuckmeloveyou.wmv” arrives with the singer-songwriter testing his range even further. His voice is once more tucked away behind studio experimentation while asking his lover select questions. “Tell me if I’m on your mind; make that money if it’s mine,” he sings on the single. Stream the Naked loosie from WOLFE below.

Naked is available now on all streaming platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud.