Houston is a rap city first and foremost. But Houston isn’t JUST a rap city. In recent years, more and more of the H’s R&B talent is coming out of the woodworks.

There’s, of course, Beyonce and Solange, both of whom dropped major projects in 2016 alone peppered with rhythm and blues throughout their tracklistings. There’s Jack Freeman and LeeLonn, local crooners who, if women still threw their panties at singers at concerts, would be the the recipients of the “draws.” Love Dominique, who’s been highlighted in VIBE Vixen and the Houston Chronicle, dropped the first of a planned two-EP series at the top of the year.

The truth is, there’s a treasure trove of Houston R&B just waiting to be discovered for those willing to seek it out. As a result, Day & A Dream’s own Bradford Howard partnered with Houston-based music hub OnMute.com – whose founder, DJ Walton, is a self-professed R&B head – to present some of the gems. This is far from all of them, however.

We compiled a list of eight of the most slept-on R&B acts out of the Houston area to drop in 2016. Each artist is listed with a brief synopsis of why they were selected, as well as three recommended tracks and a link to hear one song. Real R&B ain’t dead; and the proof is right here at home. And be sure to check out On-Mute.com and follow them on Twitter, as well!

OnMute: DJ Walton


Ashten started 2016 off by releasing her sophomore project, the Sweet Nothings EP, on Valentine’s Day. The album was just what you’d expect from a V-Day inspired project, and it was full of love and sex. Aside from singing, Ashten also landed a role on Houston’s first soap opera and has her own show on GMT Radio.

Buried Alive
Something I Don’t Do
U On U Pt 2 f/ Brian Angel

Bee Honey

Bee Honey may be a Cali native, but it wasn’t until she moved to the H and linked up with The NUMB3RS Committee, that she dropped her debut project, Just Be Cool. This year, she dropped her second project, Dreamy. Bee Honey’s blend of Jazz, Soul, and R&B makes for some beautiful music.

Just Be Cool


Roe burst on to the Houston music scene 7 months ago with the release of her single “Lingerie.” With a blend of soul and to the core H-town vibes, Roe’s self-titled debut brought about lots of buzz. The album definitely could be added in its entirety to any bedroom playlist. Definitely watch out for Roe in 2017!

Hennessy Freestyle
Hope This Reaches You
3AM Vibes Pt 2


The “R&B Posterboy” has been doing his thing for a few years now on the underground scene in Houston. Senze is modern R&B to the core. His last project, Golden Ticket 2.5, dropped late 2015; and he spent most of 2016 touring and working on his new project, with a few single releases here and there.

Trap Muzik
& Chill
When It Rains

Day & A Dream: Bradford Howard


The no-longer-secret weapon of the Houston music collective Milky Wayv, Peyton and her light, airy vocals waged a year-long campaign to get her voice to the masses. Last December brought “Bby Pey’s” debut EP, Roller Coaster; and this December brought her debut album, Peace in the Midst of A Storm. The latter was an ethereal, hypnotic tour de force powered by Bobby Earth’s instrumentals.


Coline Creuzot

Coline Creuzot’s voice is something special – it manages to merge sexy and sassy, yet still be capable of vulnerable moments. The singer-songwriter let loose several soulful drops in 2016, including the old-school inspired” Dead End.” Creuzot’s major-label debut EP, Timeless, is on track to finally land in 2017.

Truth Is
Show Me
Dead End

Rich Andruws

I first discovered Rich Andruws on Doughbeezy’s 2014 album Footprints on The Moon, when his smooth vocals flourished on “24/7.” Far from new to Houston music, the crooner has mostly played the background through solid features in the last two years. Andruws’ most recent single, “Love Letter,” brings the “blues” back to R&B through a heartfelt plea on wax.

Say Yeah
No Filter
Love Letter


With every year, LOE gets closer and closer to breaking the surface in the mainstream. For now, the self-proclaimed “Bazooka” is perfectly fine sharing her hazy jams for the fans who matter. 2016 marked the singer’s busiest year to date, logging features everywhere and also releasing her debut album, the incredible Blue Moon.

How Long Has It Been?

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