rocky banks february 7th

One brand new Rocky Banks freestyle sets the prelude for ‘Trust In Banko’

“They been afraid,” Rocky Banks says of his competition. He’s only half right. Being afraid of Banks when he decides to blank out and rap his ass off usually causes others to step their games up. Only problem is, Banks exists in a rap class where bars are secondary. Waves and “vibes” however come first. Rocky Banks however can deal with both of those concepts with ease.

Running with the Yellow Hearts squad, Banks cites February 7th as a rather important day for him. That’s when the In Other News, I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore follow-up in Trust In Banko arrives. On a cutting, four-minute freestyle titled (what else) “February 7th”, Banks lets it all hang out. Disputes with his mom, feeling freer than ever before without the drugs that addled him for so long and so on. You can hear his subdued fury below on the Mufasa Enzor produced freebie below.