“Pigment,” the painfully short outro track on H.E.R.’s debut EP, finally gets a full version.

H.E.R. may be nothing more than a silhouette to many, but her seductive voice is certainly well-known.

The mysterious artist popped up on iTunes back in September, by way of an EP entitled simply H.E.R., Vol. I. It was, in many ways, the debut many singers often hope for: it reached the top spot on the iTunes R&B charts, and its potent combination of scaled back instrumentation and vulnerable yet clever lyrics resonated with many listeners.

“I felt, in my teenage years, that I made mistakes… like I’m the only one who has done that,” H.E.R. told NPR in a recent interview. “[But] through the music, you can pretty much tell what I’ve been through and what I’ve accepted. Releasing it has made me realize I’m not alone in it, because of the reactions I’ve been getting.”

Vol. I was perfect in nearly every way… every way, that is, except “Pigment.” Tucked in at the very end of the EP, “Pigment” seemed like a tease, an incomplete cliffhanger that left listeners and fans thinking, “That’s it?”

On the week before Christmas, H.E.R. revealed that there was indeed more to “Pigment,” and she shared the official full version of the track.

Nearly twice as long as the original, the full version of “Pigment” adds more to the story of the girl in the black dress. Despite its seductive start, “Pigment” ends a little differently than most might expect; and the singer even changes things up by throwing in a brief spoken word in the second half of the track.

Stream the newly-released full version of “Pigment” from H.E.R. by way of Apple Music down below. H.E.R.’s H.E.R., Vol. I EP is out now on iTunes, with Vol. II slated to be on the way soon.