sorry 4 tha g u n

G.U.N’s latest ‘Sorry 4 Tha G.U.N’ EP is his first since October’s ‘G.U.N Talk’

G.U.N operates in a world of chaos.

The Dallas rapper whose release patterns are as spastic as his delivery shares Sorry 4 The G.U.N. The six-track EP features an all-freestyle approach and its evident from the very first track. “Swang” finds him singing and croaking as loud as he can about his favorite new toy for Christmas and then some. He returns to singing and being as sardonic as possible on his “X B*tch” freestyle. Sharing similar feelings to that of Future, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin, G.U.N celebrates the fact that his “Johnny Cage” track will never get old, so much so that he had to give the world a remix. For those wanting G.U.N to take aim and be as open as possible about knocking off enemies and haters, you’ve got the “6ig Amount” and “Mind Right” freestyles to consume for your Monday morning. Stream Sorry 4 Tha G.U.N from the Dallas rapper below.