breakfast at rudy's cover

The Outfit, TX close out 2016 with a Dallas themed EP.

The Outfit, TX have made plenty of waves in 2016. Whether it be their partnership with Southern staple Dirty Glove Bastard or their Green Lights: Everythang Goin’ mixtape. What Dorian & Mel have created is everything right with Southern hip-hop. Bottom heavy production, chant heavy choruses and life lessons sprinkled all around. To end their 2016 campaign, The Outfit, TX bring it all the way to the center of Dallas. In particular a section of Dallas everyone need indulge in.

Breakfast At Rudy’s is a 15-minute EP that lasts the same amount of time it takes to get through the Rudy’s drive thru. Why 15 minutes? Because half the city knows how much of a staple Rudy’s is. Only one of the finest yardbird establishments in the country. The Outfit team with Stunt of Stunt N Dozier to create a five track ode to pulling up, messing with the drive-thru order and talking plenty of shit.

“Wassup Famo” throws nothing but elbows all over the place and gives way to a hilarious skit involving the most ridiculous Rudy’s order of all-time. Jay Hawk cuts through with his unmistakable drawl and Mel only reminds the world how Dallas he can be. Think about what you did in high school outside your favorite eatery. You talked about the girls you wanted to sleep with and the dreams you had. Breakfast At Rudy’s is a look back to the past with stronger ties to the future. The Outfit, TX are living the lives they dreamed about. And they’re still Dallas to the core with it.

Stream Breakfast At Rudy’s from The Outfit, TX & Stunt N Dozier below via LiveMixtapes.