Rikki Blu closes out 2016 stronger than ever.

On the eleventh day of the year, I wrote about Rikki Blu.

I’d known of Rikki Blu the same way you know of a friend of a friend. His brother, Rodney had begun carving out his way up the Dallas radio ladder. A podcast turned into a gig at one of the city’s more promising radio stations. Meanwhile, all he would do is support his brother and proclaim that 2016’s best solo rapper was straight out of Pleasant Grove. I believed Rodney about Rikki because Rodney is usually right about these things.

Rikki Blu pretty much won the world over with his Pleasant Grove EP and the subsequent year in which he spilt his emotions all over wax. We’ve covered Rikki’s assault plenty here with “Glory” probably being the most inspirational track of the bunch. “I ain’t read my Bible in a long time,” he confessed. “A n*gga need a rebate for all of the days I didn’t have wage…” That’s the brilliance of Rikki, a wanderer with a soul that knows when to be hardened. Sprite deals followed. The world took far more notice.

All the while, Rikki marauded through Los Angeles, further away from home yet determined to see something different. “The Fall”, a collaboration with Trey Smash packs his raspy yet urgent flow into a short burst. He’s not afraid anymore. He has no reason to be. He’s seen the worst and come out clean. Stream “The Fall” from Rikki Blu below and purchase the track on iTunes.