The Outfit, TX take car wash hustling to fun levels for “Bear Necessities”.

Back in May, The Outfit, TX delivered a little “Bear Necessities” with Diego Money. A teaser from their summer tape, Green Light: Everythang Goin’, it was as burly a Dallas rap track as can be. The Outfit, TX swim in this type of ocean, one where they’re the only sharks with any type of bite.

In the video for “Bear Necessities”, HAWK and Mel work at a car wash ala Snoop & Dr. Dre. Only problem is, their daily work schedule involves getting hassled by women. And Mel constantly wanting to call out to do fun things around Dallas. Nevertheless, Diego Money shows up, the trio meander around the D stopping at clothing stores, putting on for Texas and more. You can check the video for “Bear Necessities” up top.

As a Christmas gift, The Outfit, TX are releasing a brand new EP on Friday. Titled Breakfast At Rudy’s, it contains arguably the greatest piece of Dallas rap artwork in history. If you know the power of Rudy’s Chicken in Dallas, you’d understand. See the artwork below and be prepared for the EP on Friday, December 23rd.

breakfast at rudy's cover