Sauce Walka’s third Sorry 4 The Sauce tape has The Sauce Factory rapper bouncing between the call of the streets and the call of the studio.

After apologizing for “The Sauce” not once but twice in 2015, Sauce Walka limited his solo releases in 2016. His sole project of the year was Holy Sauce, a solid tape whose content was overlooked due to the boldness of its cover artwork – depicting Walka himself as the sacrificial lamb for those who swagger-jacked the sauce from him.

However, leave it to Sauce Walka to not let the year end without making one final statement about who he is, where’s he been, and where he still wants to go. On Monday, Sauce Walka set free Sorry 4 The Sauce, the third installment in his “Sorry 4” series hosted by DJ VooChainz.

Completely feature free, Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 has Sauce Walka flexing his lyrical muscle over the course of 20 tracks, sniping in the cut and proclaiming his legitimacy (on “Gang Memories,” for example, Walka insists, “I ain’t pay for no position – it was given to me!” and shares how banging disrupted his musical pursuits). Along the way, he makes short work of freestyles over “Big Amount,” Lil’ Flip’s “Game Over” (rebranded as “Drip”), “Too Much Sauce,” “Nas Album Done” (“My Drip Tape Done”), and even transforms Jadakiss’s “We Gon’ Make It” into a two-minute declaration of real on “We Don’t Fake It.”

From its chopped and screwed elements to Walka aligning himself with the Rockets, Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 is a Houston product through and through. But what it may also be, is a reminder to trust in The Sauce and recognize Sauce Walka as the bearer of the almighty drip regardless. Sauce 3’s outro track is Walka’s answer to anyone who may think otherwise.

Stream and download Sauce Walka’s Sorry 4 The Sauce 3 tape for yourself down below, by way of LiveMixtapes.