Today, we have the pleasure of premiering Houston native Papa G’s visuals for “Dairy Ashford”, named in homage of the street that runs straight through Alief, Papa’s neck of the woods. “Dairy Ashford” can be found on Papa G’s latest release Anxiety.

Dairy Ashford is a major street in Alief, Texas. It is also one of the oldest streets in the community, named for the original town “Dairy” that once occupied the space that is now Alief. All of that being said, if you haven’t been to Alief, Texas, the visuals for “Dairy Ashford” will take you there.

Set mostly outside of Sunny’s corner store with only a few people around, the simple yet appropriate scenes from “Dairy Ashford” show Papa G in what seems to be his most comfortable space.

The video for “Dairy Ashford” completes what is already a dope track; pairing contrasting views of Papa G’s stomping ground much like the track contrasts braggadocios lyrics with a much darker, emotional hook. As dope as the visuals are (super dope) make sure you pay attention to Papa G’s immaculate flow on the track as well.

Get your first look at the videos for Papa G’s  “Dairy Ashford”, here.


Make sure you go check out his latest project Anxiety as well.