Gambino brings “Redbone”, the ‘Awaken, My Life’ standout to late night television.

Last night Childish Gambino brought one of the year’s more surprising albums in Awaken, My Love! to The Tonight Show. Flanked by background singers, a light grid backdrop and a makeshift band, Gambino performed “Redbone”, one of the more obvious send ups from the album.

Not quite as impressive as his PHANOS performances from a visual aspect, Gambino used the The Tonight Show set to his best abilities. The falsetto we thought was pure vocal modulation in the studio? No, that’s a real live thing. Shirtless, clad in silver shorts, Gambino stood about as naked as he could be, singing about love with the vulnerability that love deserves.

Awaken, My Love! is already a hat tip to the sounds of the Isley Brothers, Funkadelic & more. The live presentation of said album? Probably gives a similar zone-out type of feel. Enjoy the performance (and “Redbone”) down below.