Don P’s long awaited ‘Lagniappe’ is a victory lap for ’90s southern hip-hop.

During the recording process for Lagniappe, both Hot Peez & Donnie Houston had a vision. They had both experienced loss during it. Childhood friends, family members. Donnie Houston had navigated the path of being a musician from Houston to Atlanta and back. Hot Peez had determined his mind and body were perfectly suited for a Houston rap crowd regardless of where he actually was from. They’re kindred spirits in that regard, brothers in arms.

Lagniappe is an 8-track excursion built upon the same New Orleans bound rhythms that dominated parties all over. Part bounce, part throwback to the heyday of Southern rap, the Don-P duo enter with triumphant horns for “Set It Off” and exit with the bottom heavy “Thru It All”. Throughout the 8 tracks, Lagniappe sets itself up as a concept album. While Hot Peez & Donnie Houston provide the soundtrack, the back end of tracks are one long skit outside the club. Deals, plugs, women and more. You could argue that the venue in the mind of Donnie & Peez is similar to Carrington’s (or Carro’s) off of Main.

The venue has a few special guests. Paul Wall shows up. C. Lacy does as well for “Really”. “Magnificent” sets the tone for how much the listener wants to peel out the parking lot in their favorite G-Nikes. Donnie Houston & Hot Peez have been preparing you all year for the Lagniappe. Now you can come in.

Available on all streaming platforms, hear the album below via Apple Music.

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