6LACK’s new visual is as dark and somber as the track it represents.

Last month, Atlanta’s latest secret weapon in 6LACK dropped his debut project FREE 6LACK. While druggy, spaced-out R&B seems to be the wave at the moment, the ATLien does it with a refined panache. It’s aesthetically pleasing on two fronts. One, the lyrics and songwriting is strong and second, the production hits even harder. The Southside produced “Ex Calling” is the latest track to get an official video. It’s NSFW as can be as even though the filters are drenched in black & white, there’s strippers and nudity.

Our protagonist spends most of the time posted in front of a house and the club. He riffs on his ex and the women who came after her. There are pinged shots of basement staircases, tattered walls and more but the A-story takes place in the strip club. While watching a dancer climb and cascade downward, 6LACK is showing little to no emotion reminiscing about the past.

Unless you just clocked off of work, wait to watch the Atlanta native’s latest video. Or watch it if your boss has zero problems with a nipple or two. Stream FREE 6LACK now on any streaming platform and purchase it on iTunes