Divine Council’s Fall hit gets an even bigger cosign from André 3000.

Back in October, the Divine Council boys (Silkmoney, Icytwat, Cyrax, and Lord Linco) got a bit of a hand in their “Decemba” track. André 3000 himself jumped on the remix. The track was so well received that the fivesome shot a video for it, directed by André himself.

In the clip, Silkmoney is seen breaking out of a court room with the help of his cop girlfriend played by Venus X of GHE20G0TH1K. The other three members of Divine Council play getaway drivers, escorting Silk to a hideaway. Soon the cops show up and in true 3 Stacks fashion, his verse gets played out in real-time.

“Having Andre involved was a dream come true,” Silkmoney said. “The whole experience of working with him side by side on something so amazing is deadass hard to fathom.”

Look hard enough and you can spot 3 Stacks like Waldo in some disguises. There’s a slick message about police brutality near the end but for now, the VA collective have a hit on their hands. Watch the Complex premiered video below.