‘Dazed & Confused’ features J Greer, Swift Gang & more.

Nique’s Dazed & Confused EP starts off in the most unlikeliest of places. Before the Houston rapper begins a conversation with subconscious, there are the light vocals from Earth Wind & Fire’s “On Your Face”. The Elements may provide the lone set up you need for Nique’s 8-track EP. “Sadness bears no remedy,
for the problems in your life,” Maurice White and company sing. EWF’s original prefaces “PTSD”, a record where Nique is sitting up in his room, holding on to darkness before venturing to CVS to try and heal his pains that way.

“I can’t fuck around, see I got shit to do,” Nique says on “DVD”. The entire ride through the EP is akin to walking the tightrope in the circus. All of the production swims in dark atmospherics, swampy drums and piano keys save for “WTF”. Even that is prefaced by a conversation where a friend admits to Nique, “the shit is depressing.” By the time the EP comes to a close with the previously released “Don’t Try”, we’re left asking questions. The Houston rapper went from DC then back home. He underwent one of the more humiliating processes in life, stripped and reduced to nothing by a cop.

If Dazed & Confused was recorded in darkness, its easy to believe. Nique already operates with a croaky, half intoxicated voice ala Devin The Dude. Him working around his demons by looking at them on their turf? It got him through. It helped make this project. Stream Dazed & Confused now and purchase it via his official site.