Fat Tony is a legal weed pusher and wants more states in on the act.

Fat Tony has been campaigning on two fronts. The Houston rapper has spent a large chunk of 2016 educating and help shape the masses in Mexico City via underground hip-hop. International Fat Tony is about the same as MacGregor Park Fat Tony, except the Spanish and the worldview are a long stronger. He’s kept a close eye on the marijuana referendum on a few 2016 ballots. While three more states have bought into the legalization concept,Tony is encouraging others to follow suit.

His brand new cut “Legal Weed” focuses on the expansion of legalization from a historical perspective. Thanks to Ill FADED’s production and some timely talkbox use, “Legal Weed” feels like an educational stoner’s anthem. Tony doesn’t mince words about the racial beliefs that led to the criminalization and policing of the drug. “Said dirt weed made dude too strong, El Paso put a ban on the homegrown,” he raps on the track. For the past eight decades plus, weed criminalization has been a topic of concern in America. This isn’t Reefer Madness but Tony’s here to tell you – education is key.

Hear “Legal Weed” from Fat Tony below. Want more Overweight Anthony? Hear “Take It There” with iLL FADED and Dat Boi T here.