Ahead of her upcoming album, Mélat shares her smooth collab with Sylvan LaCue, “Sit Down.”

premiereIt seems like listeners and fans alike were overdue for new Mélat. The lovely Austin-based songbird has literally released a project every year since her debut LP, Canon Aphaea, back in 2012. The last we heard from her? This past summer, when she dropped the multi-lingual slow burner “Konjo.”

“Konjo,” it turns out, was just a taste of what was to come – on Monday, Mélat will drop her next studio album, MéVen (an obvious play on her name and the word “maven”), just in time to keep her annual streak alive. Unlike her past releases, however, there’s something particularly special about MéVen.

“I made use of my own cheerleading team to add a little bit more of a personal touch,” the singer shared. “I had help from my mom, dad, my friend Cassie from high school, and my friend Madisyn, who helped me with the creative direction for MéVen so much; I had all of these people close to me, join me in the booth.” For most artists, it’s enough to give your parents a shout-out on your album. Mélat took that one step further and has her parents singing WITH her on one of MéVen’s tracks.

“Sit Down” is the name of that family affair on wax track; and Mélat gave Day & A Dream the greenlight to exclusively premiere it here today.

“[“Sit Down”] is an ode to everyone who has believed in me along the way,” Mélat said of the track in an email. “It’s also a reminder to not let those who didn’t see my vision, make me feel that my path was any less valid.” As for the presence of emcee Sylvan LaCue? “I thought through some of the conversations that I’ve had with Sylvan in the past, and felt he’d make a perfect addition to the song.”

Producer Nate Coop is on the boards for the nearly five-and-a-half minute track, infusing “Sit Down” with soft keys and echoing snares, and even showing off a bit with an instrumental breakdown in the song’s waning seconds. The singer’s mother and father, meanwhile, let their voices shine on the hook. There’s a reason for the track’s laid-back feel: “Sit Down” is intended to make one reflect, to slow down even when life comes at you fast and just refocus. Mélat’s voice is hypnotic, and her repetition of the titular words on the hook sounds like a gentle order. And even though he’s rapping, LaCue doesn’t throw the rhythm off at all, his delivery crisp and clear as he walks along the beat.

Stream Mélat’s smooth “Sit Down” single, featuring Sylvan LaCue, down below. Mélat’s MéVen LP – which also includes an Xavier Omar-assisted rework of “Konjo” – touches down on all online retail outlets on November 28th, and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes.

Sylvan LaCue, by the way, stops through Fitzgerald’s as part of his upcoming “The Loner Tour.” Tickets for his December 8th show can be copped here.