lagniappe cover

Day & A Dream sits down with the duo of Don-P for an exclusive one-on-one interview.

Lagniappe is more than just an EP.

premiereThe debut collaborative project from Don-P – the tag-team of Louisiana-to-Houston emcee Hot Peez and producer Donnie Houston – might mean “gift,” but the truth is that Lagniappe almost didn’t happen. The truth, is that Lagniappe had been in the works for at least two years but life kept getting in the way.

It was curiosity about Don-P, about what brought two men together – beyond just their linking up at Sam Houston State University – and encouraged them to let their powers combine, that led our own Bradford Howard to seek out Hot Peez and Donnie Houston for an exclusive interview. On a late night in October, while most were spending their Saturday nights turning up, Bradford found his way to a secluded studio in Southwest Houston. He observed as Hot Peez played pool (“I’m not very good at it,” Peez insisted, even as he won a round or two) and as Donnie Houston played endless ‘Pac on a loop. (which reminds us, never admit to not knowing a ‘Pac song in Donnie Houston’s presence – he won’t take it personal, but he will encourage you to never ever forget it again)

What started out as an intended half-hour interview about their friendship and the EP, turned into a complete conversation about the creative process; the best parts of Lagniappe (“the ladies are gonna LOVE “Fuck On You (F.O.Y.),” Donnie Houston insisted, and Peez couldn’t help but agree); the personal losses and personal gains that made making the EP that much better; and perhaps, most importantly, both rapper and producer’s commitment to only putting out quality (“We’re not gonna put out TRASH… these are the best nine songs we could possibly give you”).

Take a listen below to our exclusive audio interview with Don-P – oh, and pardon the bells, since Bradford’s Twitter notifications kept going off. Lagniappe is out now and you can catch Donnie or Peez slanging hard copies of the EP at Fat Boy’s in Houston on Tuesday nights, and Sundays at Bar 5015.