V Live has 20 days to clear the tax liability.

V Live, the Houston gentleman’s club which was made into a pop culture hub thanks to numerous celebrities is shut down at the moment. Texas Comptroller Enforcement Agents seized the popular club on Wednesday and boarded it shut.

The club, located at 6213 Richmond Ave. has been boarded up due to an estimated $195,000 in unpaid sales and use taxes as well as unpaid sexually oriented business fees.

V Live has faced a slew of headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months. A September shooting outside the club eventually brought on a lawsuit by Harris County. Moses Malone, Jr. son of the late NBA Hall of Famer was assaulted outside the club and sued the owners of V Live in August.

The V Live brand has taken off in the past number of years. There are locations in other cities such as Dallas & New Orleans. Multiple TMZ stories have been written about the club, particularly about the exploits of both Drake & Rihanna inside. The Houston strip club economy won’t take much of a hit with the venue temporarily out of business. The larger question is, will the club be back open in time for Super Bowl week in Houston?