Grandior attempts to break the monotony of it all.

Grandior, aka FREE dutifully states in the beginning of his “For The End” video about how one can die very slowly. Routines, especially those that don’t seek out adventure or even the greater good are like poison to the soul. Ever since he started splitting time between Los Angeles and Houston, Grandior has made it certain that whatever he touches has a bit of a story to it. “For The End” does have a story, in a Last Man On Earth sort of way.

In the ShootInHD directed clip, Free & co-star Daniela Giraldo are essentially together for one reason: the two of them sought a friend for the end of the world. There’s lush backdrops throughout the short film as the two essentially travel all over an empty, deserted Los Angeles.

Unlike previous Grandior releases, “For The End” actually features his own voice. That’s Free, singing alongside Evan Matthew’s ethereal guitar playing while rocking a Reebok crewneck and overlooking an empty skatepark. “The sky is falling and I don’t have time to run,” he sings on the track. The video eventually fades into a previously unreleased track, “Closed Mouth” before peeling back into a more popular Los Angeles. Free’s by the beach, kicking it with friends, watching as the world decides to live – and operate as its used to.

Watch the “For The End” short film below and stream the isolated track for yourself as well.