Bruno Mars’s much-awaited third studio album is finally here.

Few albums may have caught people by surprise this year much like 24K Magic. Bruno Mars sprung the album on fans just two months ago, after having stunted alongside Beyonce and Coldplay at the Super Bowl Halftime Show this past February. Not that anyone was complaining. The last time we got new Bruno Mars was Unorthodox Jukebox, and that was back in 2012.

On Friday at midnight EST, Mars set free 24K Magic onto the world and gave the greenlight to Spotify to premiere the album stream. At only nine tracks deep and clocking in at just over half an hour’s run-length, 24K Magic may appear on surface to be brief. But Bruno Mars has always married substance with style rather than choosing one or the other. He kicks the album off with a one-two punch of 24K’s first two singles, the infectious title track and “Chunky,” so neither ends up interrupting the listener from the tunage to come.

Perhaps 24K Magic’s greatest feat is making old school sound brand new. On “Perm,” Mars does his best James Brown impression over hard-rocking percussion. “Calling All My Lovelies” flirts with borrowing the instrumental from The Isley Brothers’ “Between The Sheets” as Bruno shouts out his many lovers and admirers. The slow-burning cut “Versace on the Floor” sits perfectly in the middle of the album as the ultimate mood setter. And “Finesse?” Let’s just say Bruno Mars may have made a 2016 track worth Electric Slide’ing to. 24K Magic is easily Bruno Mars’s grooviest offering to date. Will it be his first #1 album ever, too? Time will tell.

Take a listen to Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic in full for yourself down below. 24K Magic is out now on iTunes.