WOLFE de MÇHLS’ long awaited collab with Big K.R.I.T. is finally here.

“We all bare of our emotions, but do yours over surface? Do your dreams come true when you give your all? Or do your nightmares worsen? Are you looking for someone that can always call when you’re closing your curtains?”

There are questions that beg for answers and questions that beg for silence. Naturally, WOLFE de MÇHLS operates wanting all of the answers right then and there. “Sunset Park” is his third release in as many weeks from his Dec. 2 album NAKED. Only this time, he’s got a bit of backup in Big K.R.I.T. The two have worked together previously with the Houston producer scoring a few cuts for the Mississippi native. Here, K.R.I.T. delivers on his guest verse in typical fashion but the winner is WOLFE.

“I wanted a record that captured a certain aesthetic while remaining timeless; the drums were a good pair of jeans,” WOLFE says of “Sunset Park”. “I literally mimicked K.R.I.T.’s voice after I finished the record and knew I wanted him there in that space.”