nick grant a seat at the table plus one

Inspired by music for the soul, Nick Grant tackles Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table.

Nick Grant, the Atlanta emcee with more ROY capabilities than one would dispute dropped his debut project 88 back in February. In the eight months between then and his take on Solange’s A Seat At The Table, Grant got sharper. He rounded more and more into a musician and artist with a far more capable tongue and commanding rap voice. A Seat At The Table (Plus One) is inspired by Solange’s late September album and some of its concepts but Grant mashes some of them into his own story.

“Hopefully my spin on the music will do the same for somebody else.” – Nick Grant

Grant hides whatever youthful exuberance you’d attach to a young twenty-something rap artist in this decade and centers on things that involve him. Relationships with the opposite sex, being a young black man not just from Atlanta but living in America and more. His raps position themselves perfectly along Solange on “Mad” and outright dominate “Cranes In The Sky”.

“I was extremely inspired by Solange’s project that it forced me to write. It enabled me to dig deeper within myself and become a more personal artist,” Grant said via press release. “I connected with her words and felt her emotions; hopefully my spin on the music will do the same for somebody else.”

A Seat At The Table (Plus One) is a minor detour from Grant. The Atlanta artist has already released his debut video, “Get Up / Sing Along” from his follow-up project, The Return Of The Cool. Both videos were directed by famed OutKast director Bryan Barber. The tenor of both videos don’t change from the records they’re inspired by. After performing, Grant heads from the city to the outskirts with his lady. The two of them end up inside of an outdoor church under a canopy, all while Grant gets baptized.

Watch the video for Grant’s “Get Up / The Sing Along” now.