John Oliver & Last Week Tonight dole out one hearty f*ck you to 2016.

John Oliver will tell you that he & his Last Week Tonight crew usually use their final show of the year to play clips. To celebrate and be merry and toast to all the good they’ve done. But this isn’t an ordinary year for Last Week Tonight. Instead, Oliver’s final show was pretty much a giant middle finger to the odyssey that was 2016.

To put it bluntly, Oliver couldn’t find enough happiness in 2016 to sing and dance about. It also didn’t help that his last show of the year was the first in a President-Elect Donald Trump world. Oliver’s final 28 minutes of the year managed to fire shots at the impending Trump cabinet, failed campaign promises, the media, fake news on Facebook & more. It didn’t stop there. From Syria, the Flint Water Crisis, Brexit, Zika, Ryan Lochte, all of the celebrity deaths, officer-involved shootings & more, Oliver couldn’t take it.

2016 was “uncommonly sh*tty” to the Last Week Tonight team. Matter of fact, it was the f*cking worst. To join him, a slew of familiar faces not only echoed the sentiment but hammered it home even deeper. Hopefully 2017 won’t be as terrible. One thing is for certain, Last Week Tonight isn’t going to slow down fact checking and ridiculing the President, his cabinet, his staff, record label & motherf*cking crew.