black america again remix

Common gets a little help from the “trap” on his latest single.

Trap rappers have probably offered more succinct social commentary than some of your “woke” favorites. To wit, Gucci Mane, rap’s best comeback story in 2016 jumps on Common’s “Black America Again” along with Pusha T. “Mass incarcerators man and they call that justice, Gucci how you feel? I’m so tired of the fuck shit,” he raps. Pusha T agrees with him. Almost 40 now, the younger brother Thornton admits that he still talks drug talk even though he’s left the game behind. “All these years later, we still the target…”

Stream the “Black America Again” remix below. The original, found on Common’s latest album of the same name featured Stevie Wonder. In case you missed it, watch the 21-minute short film, Black America Again directed by Selma cinematographer Bradford Young & produced by Ava DuVernay as well.